Tuesday, October 20, 2009

E-books and self publishing

I've been reading Joe Konrath's blog A newbies Guide to Publishing for forever (it seems) because it's fascinating to read about his process of writing, publishing and promoting. And because he's open and honest about what works and what hasn't (and he includes $$ amounts for reference).

Todays entry was about ebooks leveling the playing field for authors. And the comments...oh my goodness. It seems like "published authors" fear ebooks because it makes self-publishing easier and then their world will come crumbling down because any old person can publish a book.

To which I say good on them! Because the majority of books I've read in the last year have been crap. And these are from big name, big back list authors. And it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to pay $11.99 for the e-book of the garbage.

As a consumer I love that authors can publish their work on Amazon for what they think is a fair price. Just like I love buying music from itunes. No more shelling out a ton of money for a disc that has one (maybe two) good songs. I just pay my 4 bits for the good stuff.

And yes, with the increase of self-published authors it will mean that I have to be more diligent in what I buy, but if the last year is any indication I have to be more picky with the established authors as well.