Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Great Western Drive

Somedays things just come together.

I got an automatic email from Sony today letting me know that new titles were available for an author I was watching. Last Christmas I bought a Christmas anthology - A Bride by Christmas with a Western romance written by Candace Camp. I loved it and have been wanting to read more of the same since then.

But it's really really hard to find. This author published under a different name and the back list is just now starting to come available. But I still don't know what's good from what's bad.

The second email I got was my reading list from Feedblitz. KristiJ from Ramblings on Romance had a post on Westerns and how they need a little love and attention.

And there were recs! I love recs, especially ones that are out of print but available as e-books.

Because that's the beauty of e-books.

The backlist is forever available.

Harlequin gets that. Others are starting, but it's slow going.

So, except for that one short story and a (unfortunate) paranormal, I have nothing to add to the Western love. Yet. But thanks to the Great Western Drive I'll have lots of recs to choose from.

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  1. I'm glad you got so many recommendations!! That's the thing when starting a fairly new genre - how does one tell the good ones from the stinkers. Between Sybil, Wendy and I we listed our favourites and hope that some 'call out' to readers.
    See - we all want to see the Western make a revival.