Monday, April 8, 2013

5 by the 5th - April

The good news is, I'm getting faster and the 5k's are getting easier.  The bad news is, I'm still doing them on the treadmill because it's still snowing at inconvenient times (like this morning and all of last week).

I keep my sanity in this by reminding myself that in 4 more wake-ups I'll be on vacation and en route to places south where snow and gloom are not on the menu.

Anyway, I submitted a time of 33:59 for my 5k this month.  Broke the 35 minute mark, yay!  It really is getting easier to run longer and faster, and I'm liking the intervals too.

Hopefully next month will be outside in the nice spring weather - I'm not holding my breath - and I'll be able to find an actual organized race to run it it.


  1. It's ironic that by the time your weather is nice enough to be outside, mine will be too hot and I'll be shifting in. :) Congrats on continuing to shave time off, that's fantastic!!

    1. I never thought of that :) We only get about a week or two where it's too hot to run during the day...mornings would be fantastic though.