Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jelly Bean Virtual Race

Over the weekend I did two distances for the Jelly Bean Virtual Race hosted by Run with Jess.  I also caught a pesky sinus cold, but I'm sure one wasn't a result of the other.  Probably.

First up, on Friday I did a 5k on the treadmill.  35:19...not too shabby for treadmill work.  I think I've finally figured out the incline problems too.  Now I just have to remember to set it to zero after I'm done and raise it up before I run.

Sunday I did a 10k out on the river paths kind of by my house.  Kind of chilly but nothing like the race the other weekend.  Time on that one was 1:10:41...pretty good considering I couldn't breath out of my nose.

Taking today and yesterday off from the serious workouts.  It's been really mild weather here so my walk at lunch has been more of a stroll in the sunshine.  Hopefully tomorrow I'm not coughing and then I can pick it up again.

Also, the fact that it's Opening Day for the Toronto Blue Jays has no bearing on missing a workout this evening.

None at all :)

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