Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Stridebox

My StrideBox is here!  And it's fabulous :)

I've been watching the tracking email that they sent with a mix of amusement and anticipation.  Firstly amused because it went from the Northwest (Seattle?, I forget) to LA and then to Canada.  Then I watched it go through customs and facilities and finally made it to my post office Friday morning.

Things always show up in Calgary on Friday morning, and they very rarely make it to my house until Monday afternoon.  But not this time.  When I checked the mail after work there it was!

Of course, we had to be out the door right away so I didn't have time to open it until Saturday morning...kind of like Christmas.

Here's what I got:

Lovely card that lists what everything is, where you can get it and the retail value.  I find retail prices interesting, since we very rarely pay the same thing here, if we can get the product at all.  This is the reason why I'm like a kid in a candy store when we go to the States - so many things to try.

First up, Given Brand - Original FLIP Pocket Wrist Wallet.  Very cool and something that I need for when it gets nice out and I don't have pockets to hold my key.   Also a coupon for Skora running shoes.

Next layer: Sample of WIN sports detergent, interesting...something I've never thought about before.  Two Peanut Butter GU's, I've heard lots of people talk about these and now I can try before I buy!  Click Espresso Protien Drink - Mocha  Not sure about this one, only because I'm not a coffee drinker anymore.  It might have to go to Adam.  And then, a Picky Bar - I'm intrigued, the main ingredient is dates, which usually means I won't like it, but I want to like it because of the other ingredients.

Last layer:  Sample of Run Guard - Anti-Chafe Stick, I haven't gotten to runs long enough to have Chafing...but I'm sure I will eventually.  A Kind Bar - Dark Chocolate, Nuts and Sea Salt, Looks yummy and I actually saw these at the store yesterday when buying groceries.  So I know I can get more later.  Then, two PowerICE bars; orange and lime.  Will try these when it gets a bit hotter out.

And, some coupons for some of the products in the box as well.

So all of that for $20 ($15 + $5 shipping to Canada).  I think it's a good deal.   And I get a present every month.  Which I like even more than a good deal.

Can't wait for next month!

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