Monday, March 18, 2013

My first virtual race!

I hadn't heard of virtual races before this year, and I find them kind of neat.  I do a race at my own time and place and then post the results.  For a small fee (usually going to charity) you can even get a medal (which I love).

Yesterday was my first of two virtual races (so far) this year.  I was planning on going to the paths along the river...had it planned out and everything.  The forecast called for clouds and just below freezing but I could handle that.

Then the snow started...again.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday and then Sunday morning it was not only snowing, but bitterly cold as well.  Officially -14 and blowing snow.

I stayed inside and ran on the treadmill.

Official time:

34:13 for 5K (just over 11 min/mile)

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