Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 by the 5th Challenge - February

5 by the 5th is a virtual race series put on by Laura at Mommy Run Fast.  Basically what it says on the tin; run 5k (or 5 miles) by the fifth of each month - January to June, record your time and share it with everyone!  (And possibly win prizes :) )

I'm still hoping to find some actual races around Calgary that fits the dates, because it would be cool but also because all of my training so far has been on the treadmill and while I don't mind it - as it's flippin' COLD here - I think that getting some actual race-type experience would be beneficial.  And I'm not convinced that either of my treadmill or my Nike+ footpod are telling the truth when it comes to speed.

January's results were less than spectacular, still getting into the swing of things. 

February was much much better; 35:38 for 5km, or around 11:30 per mile (my math skills are fuzzy this morning), and I did it running 10 minutes (~5.5 mph) walking 1 minute which I'm super pleased with.  I've been doing the Galloway run:walk:run method and haven't pushed myself at all with pace or duration of the running segments so it's nice to see that I can run continuously for longer than 2 minutes.

Looking forward to what results next month brings!


  1. Congrats on seeing improvement!! Yes, finding an outdoor race (when it's a bit warmer) would be a great way to test your speed and finish off the series. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you for running it! It's a great motivator :)