Friday, February 15, 2013

Wherein I find myself alone on a Friday night

This doesn't happen very often, but both Adam and Jet are off doing their own thing and I have the house all to myself.  It would normally be the perfect evening for a long workout followed by risotto (my favourite meal that the males of the house don't eat) and a glass of wine.  Possibly I'd even throw in Roman Holiday or Pride and Prejudice to watch on TV (I might still do that actually).


I was sick almost all week.  Migraine on Wednesday (after a really good workout too),  residual headache and stomach bug on Thursday and feeling about 85% today, I'm not sure I should be working out at all, let alone cooking a plate full of rich starchy food.

Grilled cheese and couch time it is.

To make it up to myself I registered for 3 more races!  Two actuals and one virtual:

Run For L'Arche 5 mile

Jugo Juice 10k (Calgary Marathon)

St. Baldricks Virtual Run 5k  I found the Virtual Run through a really cool Facebook group called Run Disney so I can Eat Disney.  I like the idea of a virtual fundraising race that I can fit into my own schedule.  I will do this one as my March entry of 5 by the 5th.

Almost long weekend home time, so looking forward to it!

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