Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Long" Run Sunday

I've redone my training schedule to better reflect the races I've signed up for and things actually worked out pretty well.   March 3rd - May 26th will be working on the 70 minute target for the Calgary Marathon 10k.  I think this is very do-able, not like the 59 minute target which is a little too close to crazy for me right now.

May 26th to August 10th will be training for Seawheeze.  I have a "to finish" goal for that one.

Today I did my first outside run since October.  It was interesting not being on the treadmill; time went by super fast, felt great, wasn't bored and had to dodge a million dog walkers who took up the WHOLE FLIPPIN' path. 

What I didn't expect was how fast my pace was, each run interval I had to slow myself way down to get to my normal Long Run treadmill pace.  Not sure if this happens all the time or if my treadmill is out to lunch.   Either way, it was fun and now that the weather isn't so horrible I'm going to try and do more outside runs.

February 24th 2013

4.1 Miles in 48 minutes (average of 11 min 27 seconds per mile)

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