Sunday, November 11, 2012

Change in vacation plans

I've totally been pouting the last two days.  Looks like my vacation plans for early next year are kaput.

I was stoked to do the Expedition Everest Challenge in Disney World May 4 2013.  I won't lie, it's 95% because I want the finishers medal and 5% because it's an obstacle course plus scavenger hunt.

It's a COMPASS!  I'm not sure how I've lived my life this long without it.

So, I convinced my sister and my husband to join me.  We were going to celebrate cinco de mayo, Jessicas birthday and watch the Jays play baseball in Tampa Bay.

I had plans.  And then work had to go and wreck it.

For about an hour on Friday I thought I could work around it.  It involved a quick jaunt from Orlando to Houston for 3 days for a work thing.  But it was do-able.  Then we noticed the big huge GeoConvention was the same week and I would have to be here for that.

So no early May vacation for me.  We'll probably go to Florida end of March instead, but that doesn't get me my medal.  Not this year anyway.

In other news, we went swimming this morning at the wave pool.  Got my leg workout jumping waves and my ab workout by shivering as soon as you got out of the water.  It was freezing!

Going to make home made pretzels, do laundry and work on my meal plan for Menu Plan Monday.

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