Monday, November 5, 2012

Week in Review

Yes, it’s Monday.  And it feels weird to do a week in review on a Monday, but that’s what this program does so I go with it.  Having to start the diet/fitness week today really does make you think about what you’re doing on the weekend. 
Very hard to hide a cheat when you only have a day or two to make up for it.

So…last week was really hard to stay on track:
-          Ate too much crap
-          Ate too much, period
-          Skipped two workouts
-          Partially logged my food intake (if at all some days)

I resolve to be better this week:
-          No more skipping workouts, I’m even doing one of the ones from last week today, since I took yesterday off as a rest day I don’t need two in a row. 
-          Cut down on the junk.  Just because it’s in my house doesn’t mean I have to Eat It All.
-          Use the Food Diary.  Write it all down.  Be honest.

Hopefully this time next week I'll have more positive things to say! 

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