Monday, November 19, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - Nov 19

Well, my plan for last week kind of, sort of, worked out.  We had a ton of leftovers that we had for dinner yesterday in an effort to clean out the fridge.  I've also started accumulating pantry and freezer things again, so it's time to "Eat from the Freezer/Pantry".

For this week:

Monday - Pasta and Alfredo Sauce with salad. The boy requested this.  Actually he requested pasta with butter, Adam and I will have the sauce.

Tuesday - Fish and Chips.  Adam requested this.  I might have fish and butternut squash.

Wednesday - Chicken Thighs, broccoli and noodles.  One thing from the freezer down!

Thursday -Ham steaks, potatoes and veggies.  Two things from the freezer down!

Friday - Pizza party! 

Saturday - Split pea and ham soup.  Possibly with potato skins that we bought from Costco on Saturday (a weakness of mine).   The peas have been languishing in my cupboard for a while...time to do something about them.

Sunday - I had pork tenderloin written down, but my sister reminded me it's Grey Cup Sunday and if we're watching it at our place.  If this is true I'll make chili.

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