Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekend so far...

My weekend so far:

- Bought a few Christmas presents on Friday (Canada apparently does Black Friday sales, even though our Thanksgiving was over a month ago).

- Had a birthday party for the boy.  There's a ton of cake and candy left over.  Which is bad.

 - Watched the first 3 episodes of Murder, She Wrote on Netflix.  I think having only 6 episodes of Sherlock has forced us to find something that we can't finish watching in a single weekend.

 - Hung up one strand of Christmas lights.  It required a drill, hooks, tie wraps and an extra power bar.  There's 4 more windows to do, we might not be done until the new year.

 - Baseball practice (boring), grocery shopping (busy), dinner out (A&W, oops), cleaned a little bit in preparation for watching the Grey Cup tomorrow.

....and that's about it.  I worked out yesterday morning but didn't workout today.  I NEED TO BE BETTER! 

And it starts tomorrow.

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