Friday, July 24, 2009

And we're off....

Yesterdays packing went about as good as I expected. Adam was super sneaky in his attempt to not pack; he played on the computer until 9 and then decided that today was the day he wanted to watch Love Actually. And because he wouldn't let me skip the sad and boring parts he didn't get started until 11:30.

And then was cranky this morning trying to get everything together.

Got me some snazzy new ear buds since mine bit the dust a while back and I've been using the default ipod ones. I can't sing along or talk or chew without them falling out and the sound is garbage from them.

House sitter is all setup, our ride is co-ordinated (I hope) and I don't think I forgot anything.

Out of office is on and note is on the door.

I think I'm officially on vacation :)


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