Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soooo Tired

I feel like Tired Taz today. It's hot here and even though we installed A/C last year (the majority of people in the city don't have it because we only get a few weeks of really hot weather) it's still tough to sleep at night.

Tonight will be clean up, laundry and packing for the flight tomorrow. Adam hasn't buggered off (yet) like he normally does the night before we go away. There are occasions where we're not totally on the same page and it causes mild frustration; getting ready for vacation is one of them. So this time I told him if he was playing ball tonight (Thursday) then he had to be packed and ready to go by Wednesday (yesterday).

So I will have help getting ready. Yay!

Printed off all of our tickets and stuff, one less thing to worry about tomorrow.

Must call my mom and make sure she can drop us off at the airport. We'll spend a good ten minutes trying to figure out what time she should be at our house. As a family growing up the only person who could make an actual decision was my sister. We haven't improved much since then.

Must find someone to water our plant (singular) while we're gone.

Locate passports

Make sure Air Canada hasn't gone on strike

and the most important thing;

Download some books for the oodles of free time I'll have. With a four year old.

Yeah. Right.

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