Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cleanse - Day One

Started my cleanse yesterday, as expected it's so far been a mix of the two previous times.

7:30 - Dump half the liquid into 600ml of water. Smells not bad, like a sort of apple cider. Tastes about the same.

8:00 - Breakfast; Plain yogurt, nectarine and corn flakes. Not exactly a whole grain cereal but it was either that or Corn Pops.

9:30 - Refill water bottle. Yesterday's "breakfast" really did takes it's toll.

11:00 - Husband calls says he forgot his wallet, can I buy him lunch.

12:00 - Eat most of my packed lunch (sauteed bell peppers and zucchini with a bit of risotto) and half of his pepper & salt chicken (not to be confused with the more popular salt and pepper chicken).

12:30 - Dump last half of the liquid into water bottle. Starting to get a bit of a headache. Probably from no coffee.

3:30 - Leave work, fill up water bottle again. This will be my 2L of water requirement for the day.

6:00 - Eat dinner at mom and dads after picking up a free! tent trailer. Baked Potato, Hamburger cooked well done (burnt) on the BBQ and salad.

8:00 - Back home, do 15 minutes of yoga before going to bed and reading.

All in all I felt good, went to the potty a bunch as expected, this stuff starts to work right away. Probably why they suggest you sip your water throughout the day; I can't imagine what it would do if you chugged it all in one go and then drank plain water for the rest of the day. Also amazed at how few healthy choices there are at the work food court.

Tomorrow, day two. At the ball diamond.

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