Monday, July 6, 2009

My Garden, such as it is.

(Just a little Alberta background)

Calgary's climate is semi-arid and is in Zone 3a for Plant Hardiness. We get about 169 frost free days a year, 115 of them are consecutive from end of May to mid September.

Unless it was this year when we got frost and snow well into June. And because I'm lazy I didn't even bother with bedding out plants or my plans for raised boxes in my garden area.

See the area between the garage and the fence? We don't use it for anything, it gets a ton of sunlight and would be perfect for a garden.

Next year.

This is the only plant that we have.

Got this tomato plant at Wal-Mart and it took off better than any we've had before. Of course, we're watering it properly and put it into a right sized pot so it doesn't keep tipping over (took a few tries for us to figure that out).

It's got a bunch of flowers and ten or so tiny little tomatoes. Don't know when they'll be ripe, but it's exciting to see something growing :)

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