Saturday, July 25, 2009

California - Day one

Ayres Hotel Anaheim

I love this hotel!

While it's not "near" Disneyland, it's close enough to be convenient and is accross the street from the Honda Center (there's a circus this week) and next-ish to Angels Stadium where we'll see a couple games. The hotel is so cute; outside and in.

That huddled mass in the bed is Jet, we checked in around 11 (midnight our time) and we had to carry him into the hotel because he refused to wake up in the car.

Anyway, so cute!

Best part is this:

I didn't have to crawl under the desk or plug into a lamp base to get power.

We spent the day at the disney parks, took Jet on a bunch of rides that he wasn't big enough to go on last year. We tricked him into going on Space Mountain; but unfortunately to make the ruse work I had to go on too. He had a blast, btw.

Big ferris wheel in California Adventure, I didn't want to go but Jet loved it.

Asleep the moment we left the parking lot. We had to wake him up again to pick up some stuff for the hotel:

Chex Mix (we don't have this at home)

My second favourite table wine Menage e Trois by Folie a Deux (awesome, I may or may not love it because it was an X-files episode) was nine bucks, it's 15 - 20 at home

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tarts - are you serious!?

Pretzle Goldfish crackers - can't get this back home either

Basically we stocked up on junk food that we don't get back home :)

Tomorrow is a baseball game (kids run the bases after) and bit of relaxation.

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