Wednesday, July 29, 2009

California - Days 4 and 5

Things I love about vacation:

  • Bacon - I've never sat down to see how much of it I could eat, but I'm pretty sure it's a lot. Vacation means we're eating out for breakfast and it usually involves bacon. And I love it.
  • Baseball - Baseball would be even better if it was only 6 innings, but I love the excitement and the people.
  • Pretzels - Can't get them easily at home but I love the salty goodness. Also can easily be acquired at baseball.
  • U-Turns - Pretty sure trying one at home will get you shot. But here it's expected, and wonderful.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tarts - Couldn't believe there is such a thing. I bought three boxes. Maybe one might make it home.
  • The cast iron pan I got for twenty bucks - Yes, I'm putting a frying pan in my checked luggage.

Things I dislike about Vacation:

  • No Interac - I'm used to paying with my bank card for everything (even the farmers market). Not having it available weirds me out. And not having to sign for some credit card slips is also a bit odd.
  • No Vegetables - I miss raw peppers and cucumbers. Admittedly I haven't made good choices when they were available, but I think I'll go veggie for a bit when we get back.
  • Not my computer - my laptop is too bulky to travel. It has all my links and passwords saved. This one does not.
  • No playmates for hubby and child - These two are social butterflies and require outside conversation to be the most relaxed. I do not. I'll be in my room reading.

Been spending our time at Disneyland, the pool, the ball diamond and various restaurants. Will continue for the next day and a half before it's home time.

Bought a new camera too! The old one was acting up a bit and this new one is a good transition to a digital SLR that I want. I'll be taking it out and putting it through it's paces (such as they are) tomorrow.

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